Sunday, September 13, 2009

sneak peek

i promise knitting content sometime in the near future. but not now. why?

because we just moved.

moving in - santa monica

moving in - santa monica

moving in - santa monica

please ignore the boxes, etc., and focus on that ladder. one of the coolest things about the new house?

moving in - santa monica

it has a loft, from which one can take great photos!

cole hides

also wall-to-wall carpeting, which the bunnies love!

moving in - santa monica

and a headless buddha on the back patio!

we're still working on it - lots of pictures to hang, bunny-proofing to do, and a dining table & chairs to buy. as much as i hate moving - and we do it too often - this place is amazing. i'm loving it already!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

wool & bears, everywhere!

although we were only there for one and a half days, b and i managed to see quite a few of my favorite things with the family while we were in the NEK.

farmers' markets there know what's really important - cinnamon rolls and warm mittens!

wool at the farmer's market

wool at the farmer's market

the awesomeness of "downtown saint johnsbury" - handknit socks and bears in hats!

wool in vermont!

bears in hats

b and i rode the horse at polly's pancake parlor -

polly's pancake parlor

and climbed around the basin and lost river -

the basin

the basin

lost river

lost river

all in all, a quick but wonderful trip. i can't wait to go back in the winter!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

long ago in a land far far away

lost river

saint johnsbury

saint johnsbury

okay, maybe not so long ago (although it already feels like it). but certainly far away. on friday, b and i saw most of the day from an airplane - from los angeles to boston - and as night fell, hopped in a car to drive the three hours north to the northeast kingdom. the reason?

beige & mike get married

mike and beige finally got married!

i've known these kids for a long, long time and can't believe they've finally done it! beige and i met through a local children's theater group when we were 11, and mike joined the gang in high school. i was so lucky that the two of them decided to live in los angeles for a few years; beige was my main crafting companion and she went all-out for this wedding. i kept catching glimpses of beautiful handmade details - from her necklace to the wall hangings to the garlands on the tables. and mike, ever the artist, even designed the glass etchings!

beige and mike are also rabbit companions, so mike's dad made a surprise wedding ornament:


but b and i snuck into the house to visit the real thing!

bryan & sugar

it was a great time -

cute couple

we met up with old friends -

marta & becca - old friends

and new(er) -

stephanie & eric

and it was totally worth the trip!