Monday, January 16, 2012

the fuzzier side of things

have i mentioned how blessed i am to have friends like beigeberry and malaraky? we've known each other for half our lives and the farther apart we move, the more i miss them.

yarn swap!

i mean, who else would send me 8 oz of glorious alpaca? this is the bounty beigeberry bequeathed upon me during our yarn swap. we all decided we had way too much of one color or another in our stashes, and wouldn't it be nice to switch things up? malaraky pulled together a little questionnaire to help us decide what to send each other. i think i seriously scored here. YUM! what to knit, what to knit? ideas graciously accepted.

in the meantime, i'm continuing along on my acer cardigan [ravelry link]. it was a good airplane knitting project - the pattern's simple enough to memorize - and i'm hoping to get to the sleeves soon. is it bad that sometimes i'm just itching for some simple stockinette?

acer cardi

maeve the cat wishes you happy knitting, friends!


savannahchik said...

oh wow I never really noticed the stitch pattern in Acer before. the cables and lace are great together!

what yarn are you using?

Lara said...

I promise, I'm getting my act together for the yarn swap this weekend!!