Monday, October 17, 2005

pasadena & punk

Had the most fantastic Saturday and spent Sunday on the couch as a result. Yeeps!

Saturday started out with a subway ride (yes, subway!) here. I spent four fun hours knitting away on my sister's top-secret b-day gift while watching fashion shows, scoring free needles (#15's, of the knitting sort), and practicing 'yoga for knitters'.

(Picture stolen from Wendy. Sorry Wendy. I'm lame.)

See me on the left-hand side? Half of me? In the cute green apple-print shirt that you can't really see? Right.

I think I injured a few vertebrae.

When I got home from the knitting extravaganza, I crashed on the couch for an hour before Leslie stopped by to pick me up for Brandon's party. Good party. Someone send me pictures!

Sunday I needed to recuperate. I attempted to find shoes for my halloween costume, to no avail. Then i settled down to watch this and this (as I somehow miraculously completed Nicole's b-day gift in 6 hours the day prior) and nap. A lot.

Monday's nice and rainy with a chance of shrug knitting to some good 'ole Sex Pistols!

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