Tuesday, December 04, 2007

celebrate! holiday!

that's right! lil old me turned a whopping 28 today. i celebrated by going to a show last night (vampire weekend at the echo - good but definitely overhyped; i liked one of the opening bands, grand ole party much more), taking the day off today, and getting a massage. mmm...

happy birthday!

i opened the box from my sister a couple of days early by mistake. i swear! i've been ordering like mad from amazon myself (holidays and all you know) and i assumed this box was a gift i'd bought for someone else! anyway, look at all the lovelies. i'm already planning projects inspired by the two books and enjoyed m. hulot the night it arrived!

i received lots of other wonderful gifts but as the light's fading, photos will have to wait until another day. let's just say that if i ever get stuck on the moon, i won't be hard-pressed for sugary desserts!

umm, so...

new embroidered sweater

i also bought this gorgeous, soft hand-embroidered number for myself at a craft fair on saturday. amaranth said i deserve it! (she ended up going home with beautiful pajamas made by sweet p, who was actually at the fair!) i'm not usually so spendy (it wasn't cheap) but i got a little early b-day surprise on friday - a promotion at work. so happy birthday to me!


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday! Love the sweater!

Lara said...

belated congrats on promotion at work, hurrah! and that is a lovely sweater--it is worth spending on unique lovely pieces that speak to us, right? must do more of that. and less of the buying boring mass produced things. hello, new year's resolution!