Sunday, January 20, 2008

no good can come of duarte

one of the reasons i'm not going totally crazy living in LA is that one weekend you can be on the top of the world and it looks like this*:

mt lowe

what is this?

this used to be a fireplace

and then the next weekend you can be on the top of the world and it looks like this**:


bryan contemplates


yes, folks, you can find some serious snow less than an hour's drive from los angeles. and boy did i need it this weekend...

mr b's EC titer results came in yesterday, and they're just as high as lil b's. looks like both my little guys have some unwelcome brain parasites. lil b's progress on the fenbendaz is promising, though - she's still stumbling quite a bit but her head isn't tracking to the right as often anymore. and mr b has yet to show signs of any neurological issues, so... fingers crossed the meds prevent it from progressing to that state.

ah, why oh why can't things just be easy?!

(knitting? tomorrow, please.)


*mount lowe, a nice, dusty 2.7 mi trek up up up!

**mount baldy, a nice, wet who knows how far up. we got as far as the ski lodge and then lost the trail to the skiers!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the results, the poor babies. It's really scary and tough when a pet has a neurological problem, but comforting that you'd do anything in the world possible to help them.