Sunday, February 24, 2008

so very done.

but it's pouring out, and there's no decent light to take photos. so, in the meantime, i've started in on some new projects*!

carie cropped cardi

carie cropped cardi from stephanie japel's fitted knits. i am so very off gauge on this one, so i've ordered more yarn and need to rip back a bit. one more size up and i should be good to go. the cascade magnum called for must be amazingly poufy stuff to get 6 stitches per 4 inches on #15s - because rowan big wool comes nowhere close!

trinity stitch scarf

i have two balls of the rowan ryc soft tweed left over from my textured tunic and i need something mindless to knit right now. scarf it is!

*which i photographed yesterday AM while there was a bit of sun.

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