Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the color conundrum

i love love love knitting with color. so i end up with lots of stuff like this:

woodland shawl blocking

but when it comes to the wearing? let's just say that back in the day (you know, like, two whole years ago) more often than not i would wear the 'harry potter uniform' - all black. (for some reason everyone who worked on potter would show up to the office in all black all the time. i don't think we were all morbid.) since then i've added lots more color to my wardrobe but nothing quite as heavily saturated as the yarns i love to knit with. so i'm a bit outside my comfort zone with these pieces, but gosh do i love seeing 'em knit up!

woodland shawl

woodland shawl blocking

guess i just need to become a bit more brazen. my first couch was lipstick red, for goodness sake! you think this would be easy for me!

what is easy for me? ordering a gorgeous permanent marker set for jewelry making via amazon prime.

beautiful permanent markers

i mean, really; have you ever seen anything this beautiful?

(new knitty is up. and i actually really like several of the patterns this time 'round!: talia, yosemite, honeycomb, and lace ribbon.)


Anonymous said...

The splash of green is really unexpected and lovely!

I didn't realize you worked on HP, that sounds like it must have been cool.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all those markers! But they don't have the smell of a brand new box of Crayola Crayons:) LOve you............You inspire me........I'll hunt for Shrinky Dinks this weekend............

Anonymous said...

I mean, really, I've never seen seeing such a magnificant set of markers presented with such dignity. All of a sudden I feel like staring at my colored Sharpie set for a few hours...