Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summer in vermont

vermont - summer 2008
1. polly's pancake parlor!, 2. lupin season in vermont, 3. the basin,
4. vermont yarn, 5. pink lady slipper, 6. reese pie at p&h truck stop

it's been a good long time since i've seen summer in vermont. after i moved west i've only returned home during the winter and boy, did i forget how gorgeous this place can be. there's nothing quite like spending leisurely hours with my parents hiking in franconia notch, eating pancakes and pie, and making mine beautiful cormo-blend handspun from a local lupin festival. i had a chance to catch up with malaraky and knit in her adorable apartment. i went to yoga. i got a pedicure and played bocce.

my parents recently adopted a new kitten who decided immediately upon my arrival that my handbag made a really nice bed. everyone, say hi to gus!

gus likes my handbag

the last leg of my journey was to franklin, tennessee, just outside nashville. unfortunately, i don't have much to show except my hotel room, which was nice but the wireless kept crashing and finally corrupted the VPN software on my laptop rendering work impossible. fun.

what i saw of tennessee

i couldn't take photos with my camera during the scenic portion of my trip to tn so i'll leave you with that. exciting update coming soon - we're moving!


Anonymous said...

Moving?! Not before we meet I hope.

Anonymous said...

Gus is adorable!

Lara said...

gorgeous pics! hooray for VT in summer:)

Aka-C said...

Dahling these are amazing pictures!!! :D