Sunday, September 07, 2008

book coma

i should have known better; i should have known i'd be in trouble. malarky was the first to suggest it when i visited her over the summer. then my female coworkers all started buzzing around the halls chatting about it. so i had to give it a try. boy, am i really in trouble.

good morning!

it all started innocently enough: a little breakfast, a little light reading... five hours and five hundred pages later i ran off to the bookstore. i needed more.


i spent most of the day today on the beach reading #2. one thousand pages in all, folks. so far.

good thing i can knit while reading!

february baby sweater - complete!

the february baby sweater is done, and i think adorable - and the baby shower's in two weeks so i finished early! i can't wait to give this to my friend. it was a really fun and easy knit. love that EZ!

marsan watchcap #3

i also finished a second hat for our friends who moved to colorado. i love the marsan watchcap pattern - this is the third i've knit - and the lorna's laces superwash is amazingly squishy and soft for 100% wool. highly recommend.

now i'm off to swatch for a minimalist cardi mini-KAL with malarky. i think i need to hold off on the third massive novel in this series or else i'm going to be restless at work tomorrow when i have to focus on, well, work! do i have the self-control?

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Anonymous said...

They're so addictive.
I've posted at PopMatters like five times about them on the books blog. And people totally comment back, it's great.

You can knit while you read, I am so jealous!! I can if I'm working on something in stockinette and if the book is hefty enough to keep itself open, but other than that...doesn't really happen. My ideal day is one where I alternate between reading a chapter and knitting a few rows. Ahhhhhh, loveliness. Good idea to hold off on starting the third book!!