Saturday, October 11, 2008

what'cha got cookin'?

cookin' a sweater

remember jemima? she was relegated to the UFO pile almost a year ago, and i don't quite remember why. i think it had something to do with the seams. which are perfectly fine so... she's finished. and baking.

also remember the laura sweater? i was tooling around on ravelry yesterday and was shocked to discover that nine people somehow dug up the pattern and *gasp* knit it! someone even recommended it as a good starter sweater for teens on the forums. all of which means i have to official register as a designer on ravelry so i can update the pattern listing. yay me!

i've been MIA for a bit because i've been in orlando visiting my sister. orlando is a strange place. the evidence:




my favorite is the fleur de lis lobster. now i'm off to the movies! happy saturday!


Anonymous said...

LOBSTER? I hadn't noticed:)

Anonymous said...

you have all kinds of good stuff on your countertop!! :)