Monday, January 19, 2009


yesterday we annualized (is that a word?) our expedition to mount baldy. this time, b and i took two new los angeles transplants with us - we don't believe in best-kept secrets.

mount baldy expedition

mount baldy expedition

the trail up to the ski lodge wasn't as snowy as last year - i blame a bout of 80 degree weather we've been having here in the city - but there was still plenty of the white stuff and we had a grand time! the $2.50 packets of swiss miss at the lodge tasted extra chocolaty, but that was probably all the fresh, clean air playing mind games.

on the knitting front, mrs darcy is almost done; just need to find the right buttons. i'll be on a mission later today!

mrs darcy cardi


Anonymous said...

yay! hope you can find wonderful buttons :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hike!

Sweater looks great- but Edward was a much better model...