Friday, July 24, 2009

the kindness of others

i feel like i'm finally almost catching back up to regular life. almost. we're participating in "summer hours" at work which means i (mostly) have fridays off, extending the general summery feeling i've had since our trip. i don't mind.

while we were away, i received a very special package.

Infusion Gifts!

abby had a give-away contest on her blog and i won! if you don't know abby's work, well. do yourself a favor and take a look!

infusion fibers

i discovered abby and infusion fibers during the last holidays. i think one of the bigger design blogs featured her bags and i fell in love - all the gals in b's family got one version or another as a gift that season. abby works with sustainable, natural, and organic fibers and her craftsmanship is just beautiful. (anyone else have a crush on that organic essentials satchel in golden yellow?) i feel so lucky to have found her and her work - and what's strange is that she found me, too, separately and at the same time - as she was just starting to become interested in knitting!

i've already found an excellent use for my hemp pouch -

featherweight cardi


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a great gift! I am always impressed when someone takes the time and trouble to add those little additional touches to make opening a gift a real pleasure.

Love that pink toned yarn you are knitting with. But now that I think about it - whatever happened to the top you were going to take to England????

Anonymous said...

Marri, this is awesome! It was really fun for me to prepare this for you and I am so happy you enjoyed (and are enjoying) it. Glad that we found each other. I found a lot of inspiration from your mastery of knitting (and I still do, even if I have not had time to knit for months!).

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, a new place to bookmark!

So, what are you knitting there??

Lor said...

What a lovely gift - stunning, and handy!!