Saturday, August 08, 2009

more & other various things

let's take a look at what i've not been knitting, shall we?

featherweight cardi

why, it's a featherweight cardi designed by hannah fettig. i'm using two skeins of ella rae lace merino that i picked up during unwind's anniversary/ravelry party - and it feels so good to be using stash. but alas, she's been put aside for various reasons:


work. i have been going to work really really early. this is the sunrise - almost pretty enough to take the edge off a laptop-won't-boot-for-two-hours-and-i-have-to-present-to-the-president-at-9am kind of morning. almost.


uhhh... yeah. i finally gave in and picked up an iphone this week. i held out until apple released a model that had comparable storage to my ipod - now i only have to carry one device around with me! it also takes decent photos and videos, whee!

making ringtones

itunes. i am addicted to making my own ringtones via itunes. itunes is brilliant!

festival of chariots

buddhism. kicked off sunday by the hare krishna "festival of chariots" on the boardwalk. free yummy vegetarian indian food - i'm there! later in the week b and i went to our friend's jukai, a kind of ordination into zen buddhism. the ceremony was small and beautiful and i'm so glad i had the opportunity to witness it.

super secret knitting project taking up any other spare time.

some folk request my latke recipe and i'll try and post that tomorrow - because now i have to get ready to see the jonas brothers. live! in concert! (ah, what a life i lead.)

peace out!


Mama Linda said...

Jonas Brothers! Come ON!Love you

malaraky said...

wheeeee fun with pictures, music, knitting, more music! I am determined to post about what I have been up to - knitting and otherwise - before my weekend runs out! xL

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I hope that was a 5:13 p.m. shot - LOL

During rough work time I just do the minimum and try and survive. It passes. Cool iphone will help.

Interesting about the Buddah festival. We were in Nepal years ago and it was so curious being in a society with such a different religious orientation.

Can't wait to see secret project unveiled!

Anonymous said...

You will definitely have tales to tell your grandchildren...

(iphone envy, and love the yarn!)

Anonymous said...

I have that exact yarn from Unwind too! :) Looks like you are spending your time having fun.