Sunday, October 25, 2009

dirty work

look! knitting!


knitting i can show you! lindsey is right - i'm making the hood from max's wolf costume in where the wild things are. since i snapped that swatch photo this morning, i've designed and knit up most of the hood - just a few more rows to go. the ears still elude me a bit but i've an arsenal of wire and felt at the ready...

and i probably would be done by now but for our dear kitty, who 1) learned how to climb the ladder to the loft,


and 2) decided she'd crawl into some oft-overlooked nook up there that's never been cleaned. let's just say that when she came down, she was no longer black and white - she was black and grey. dark grey. we were in panic mode keeping her off the furniture, so no photos of that. but i did manage to capture this, much to maeve's embarrassment:


when's the last time YOU gave your cat a bath?

happy week, all!



Mama Linda said...

aww.That explains the bath!Have a great week!

Roxanne said...

Silly kitty; thank goodness I don't have any nooks for mine to get into (that I know of). I can't wait to see the finished hood!

Anonymous said...

And how are your injuries from the kitty bath????

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Ah. A freshly washed pussy cat! Snuggle time :)

I have my yarn for my Bella mitts - whoo hoo! said...
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