Wednesday, June 30, 2010

an eclipse of a different sort

why, hello there! can i tell you how difficult it is to blog with a kitten in the house? or how difficult it is to sit quietly and do anything with a kitten in the house? near impossible, i tell you! but so worth it. exhibits a through d:

Molly's home

Molly's home

Molly's home

Molly & Cole Meet

yep, she's pretty much taken over our lives. shhh, don't tell anyone but i haven't knit anything in the past few weeks. i can barely read without a covert kitten sneak attack on my book (all the corners? nibbled to death) so forget yarn.

i'm okay with the short break, because i've found a new obsession: collecting mid-century scandinavian housewares. specifically, cathrineholm lotus enamel bowls by grete prytz kittelsen, a norwegian designer. this stuff is gorgeous:


someone somewhere in blogland described this line as "the gateway drug for many enamel cookware collectors" and it's true. it's gorgeous and i must have it. i've found myself compulsively checking ebay all day long (thank you iphone apps!) and scouring my local thrift and antique stores. the antique mall closest to me? they know to call me when anything cathrineholm shows up. and they have. how's that for customer relations?

happy eclipse day y'all! anyone else going tonight?

p.s. - this is what most of my photos look like these days -


totally serious when i say she's taken over our lives! also? the passage is AWESOME.


Michelle said...


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Here kitty kitty......

She's absolutely beautiful!!!

Love the enamel bowls ~ and thank you for the book recommendation too :)

Miss Haley said...

oh my goodness.... i want one ;)

Anonymous said...

She is so incredibly cute!!!!

yodafatkitty said...

I have this on my reader but haven't gotten to it yet.
What a sweetie the kitty is!