Saturday, October 30, 2010

wild thing

it took me a year and five days, but wild thing is finally done!

wild thing

really, all i needed to do was attach the second ear. all year long this little one-eared hood stared back at me from my desk, and i just couldn't bring myself to settle down and take out needle and thread.

wild thing

cole, this is my halloween salute to you, little bunny buddy. still missing you tons.

truly outrageous

any guesses what i'll be this year?


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm being to hate Halloween because the costumes no longer make any sense to me and I suspect that it's my age showing - LOL Is the star a clue????

It can't be that you're a Wild Thing - that's too easy. Right?

Whatever you are going to be I love that you created a knit inspired from a book ~ so creative and whimsical!

Cole may be gone from here but he'll always be in your heart.

Lara said...

Hope you're feeling all better! It's great to see you posting, my blogging has completely fallen off my radar with my work and personal life being super full right now. Not complaining, but hope I can find a better balance now that it's really chilly here and also have been asked to join in on the naknimo business this month so maybe that'll get me knitting more and posting about it! Have a great Monday... xL

Anonymous said...

I love the hood, I remember the project from a year ago and I'm glad to see it complete. Looks cozy.

tania said...

I like these kind of hood very much. great work!

- Tanya
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Ci-Sun said...

This year will be a beautiful girl, as previously