Sunday, November 14, 2010

surreptitious (in the light of day)

so lately, i've been engaged in knitting of a... different sort. and i had no idea swatches could cause such an adrenaline rush!

yarn bomb!

under the cover of night...

yarn bomb!


yarn bomb!

thanks to the lovely ladies of the urban craft center for organizing such a delicious escapade. did you know that there are ZERO parking meter cozy patterns on ravelry? it's true. i might have to rectify that.

(and yes. it's still all up:)

yarn bomb!

yarn bomb!


pendie said...

yay! My niece loves to yarn bomb

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

How fun to explode a yarn bomb!!!! I think the pom poms add a lot ~ LOL

Anonymous said...

Parking meter cozies would be a great idea for my favorite event, PARK(ing)Day!

LizKnits said...

What fun! Good for you.

Miss Haley said...

bwahahaa reminds me of this:

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