Tuesday, February 01, 2011

iron craft challenge #5: be mine

well. this week's challenge was to make something to give someone for valentine's day. with which i have absolutely no issue; i'm not a terribly sentimental kind of gal, but hand-crafting something to present to a loved one on a lovey holiday? i can do that.

but i can't post it up here and on flickr today and still keep it a surprise for feb 14.


i decided to make something for someone(s) who won't be checking up here. or, honestly, care that they received their gifts a few weeks early.

Iron Craft #5

CAT TOYS!* (remember these?)

okay, i know - an awful lot of animal activity on this blog lately. but i can't help it. they are awfully cute and photograph well. exhibit A:

Iron Craft #5

exhibit B:

Iron Craft #5

-organic catnip
-embroidery floss

five weeks down - many more to go!

*don't you just love that little earthenware pitcher? vintage west german waechtersbach - a total steal at my local thrift shop. score!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Total cuteness!!!! That pitcher was a steal ~ and how perfect for a Valentine's Day gift :)

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Anonymous said...

Super cute! Makes me miss my kitties