Monday, September 19, 2011

starting over

as abby has so cleverly deducted from my flickr uploads, we've moved!




we're slowly pulling the new place together, and i have to say i'm in love. it's so good to come home here. we've moved less than a mile, but my new commute starts and ends with a beautiful view of the ocean - which we can see from several of our windows. and so much light! just heaven.



my homework for vogue knitting live next weekend - this, for a color knitting class with meg swansen and amy detjen. plus a dyeing class with beth casey, owner of lorna's laces! i can't wait!

see you there?


grandmastatus said...

congratulations! your new home looks beautiful.

Monika said...

Awesome place, the light is playing beautifully in these photos! I wish I can join meg swansen classes but for now I'll be heading out tomorrow to meet with friends for our Knotty Knitters night :) Have a wonderful day, Monika

hAnka said...

Please tell me, what is the name of the wood (or colour) you have on your floor and tables? It's soo warm and natural looking. I am in love with your appartment!