Tuesday, December 13, 2011

why hello!

I really do realize that I've been awfully neglectful. Life is just off and running and it's all I can do sometimes to keep up. Six months have passed, and I still haven't written about the wedding or honeymoon. Would you guys be interested in a little trip down (recent) memory lane with me?

In the meantime, there has been knitting. Remember this?


it's now this:


someone asked me the other day if i got it at anthropologie. bless her.

oh, and remember that lovely lorna's laces I dyed at vogue knitting live?



i decided I needed a winter headband for our holiday in ohio next weekend, and played around with my hand-dyed yarn and some scraps left over from a sweater. speaking of which...



say hello to bedford! knit up in luscious drops nepal (my first experience with drops yarn - and i'm in love!), bedford is a comfy, oversized raglan pullover designed by michelle wang as part of a collection to support jared flood's new yarn line, shelter. beigeberry called my and malaraky's attention to the collection, and we decided it was time for another knit-along. i added a couple of inches to the length, but otherwise knit as directed. this sweater is so cozy, i know i'll be wearing it all winter.

and baby, it's cold out there - even here in socal!



CloƩ on the moon said...

Well, when you're back, it's for real! I'd love to read about your wedding and honeymoon, something tells me it was wonderful... Just like your knitting!
Anyway, welcome back!

Robin said...

Waving from Columbus,oh. Would love to hear about the wedding and HM. Love the hat - is there a pattern to go with it?

Anonymous said...

well you have been busy. and yes, wedding and honeymoon recap anytime!