Sunday, October 21, 2007

because, you know, i really need another hobby


i don't know what got into me. one minute i'm happily packing up to leave work; the next, i have dozens of skeins of embroidery floss in my lap. yep, i've finally lost it.

so yesterday was spend pretending i know how to embroider and navigating our way through ikea. let's let lil b model one of our finds:


finally! decent drawers for the bookcase! we can't keep books in the lower shelves of the study because the bunnies like to nibble on them - so we had quite a bit of wasted space. these drawers allowed me to clean up my work table so i can actually use it and all in all, life's much more organized.

today i'm doing a bit of knitting and then it's off to see the darjeeling limited, finally! b and i have both been dying to see this one but just haven't had a chance. i'll report back!

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