Friday, May 02, 2008

the calm before the storm

things at work are in upheaval; my boss has given notice, and i've been given her team - and much of her work - to manage. while i look forward to the responsibility, being the insane kind of person who enjoys a good challenge, i am feeling a bit drowning-ish. we're going to to make some changes so that i have some semblance of focus, and thank goodness for the summer interns, who i suspect will save all of us.

in the meantime i'm trying to unwind at home with that rhythmic click-click of the knitting needles.

olive branch yoga hoodie

olive branch yoga hoodie

the olive branch yoga hoodie is all but done - just a zipper to install, which will happen this weekend. the pattern was riddled with errors but they were easily caught, and this hoodie is going to be SO comfy.

and happily, my mom cheered me up with a surprise package:


umm, how utterly ridiculous are these?! i love them! THANKS MOM!

mr b saw those photo cards and decided that he wanted to model my trinity stitch scarf, completed months ago (which i wear all the time, despite the heat):

mr b takes pride in my scarf

ahh, yes; life's looking up!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your promotion! And how cute is Mr B? Seriously.

Lara said...


love the hoodie -
can't imagine what work is like for you right now! hope you have a great weekend and can really relax!

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE the HOODIE....and you:)