Saturday, May 31, 2008

in need of some tea

whew! it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks, and there are a couple more knocking this month. between trips to las vegas (work) and san francisco (fun), looking for a new home (the suburban experiment has failed), and saying good-bye to my boss (tequila nights, oh boy), i've barely had time to knit a stitch! this hasn't helped either:

rock band!

bryan received rock bank as an extremely generous thank-you gift for being a very good person. he is quite good at the drums; i, frankly, stink and am sticking to guitar! neither of us has dared pick up the microphone quite yet...

cloth napkins


over the past couple of weeks i've been thinking more and more about my impact on this earth. beigeberry's experiments with urban gardening under the tutelage of her very earth-conscious sister has inspired me, as did san francisco in general. i've expanded my indoor garden to include basil and chamomile and am planning to add wheat grass, tomatoes, and lettuce later in the month after i return from a two-week trip. in the meantime, we've switched to cloth napkins and reusable bags for all purchases, not just groceries. i'm trying to find good biodegradable garbage bags for the bunny litter since it's 100% compostable, and we're looking to move somewhere we can walk around more so we don't have to hop in the car every time we need/want to go somewhere.

wish us luck!


Aka-C said...

Oh dahling, what you're doing is so great. I've been trying in whatever little way I can too! Good luck! :)

Oh and I have this perfect little tea place to take you to when I see you in the city... can't wait!

Mrs Lockhart said...

Moving? we really haven't talked in a while!

Lara said...

awareness is half the battle, I think - you're making good progress!! I am very excited about the lovely farm share program that I will be getting my first boxful of veggies from in a week and a half - yum yum and sustainable too! I've just made the switch to cloth napkins (most of the time) too - paper ones are silly.

aren't you coming to visit soon? :)

Anonymous said...

Update on the wheat grass:
still growing strong, I mow it with scissors and it grows back just like lawn grass. You should go for it!