Sunday, December 21, 2008

last-minute decisions

i definitely had my most harried get-out-of-the-house-and-into-a-cab pre-flight experience yesterday morning, but i still managed to throw a skein of cascade 220 and #7 circs into my carry-on at the last possible moment.

marsan watchcap #4

you know that whole "i'm not knitting anything for anyone this holiday season" mantra it seems everyone's been espousing? i was on that bandwagon. happily seated, enjoying the ride. and then i remembered that my dad's been wearing the same roll-brim hat i knit for him since the first winter i re-discovered my love for knitting - like, five years ago. (everyone got a stockinette hat that year - if you were lucky, i got around to you closer to the holiday and yours had a ribbed band rather than rolled!)

it's time for an upgrade.

this year, i'm in ohio with b for the holidays and i won't see my parents until the day after xmas, so i've plenty of time, and i'm almost done anyway. a nice delay in the airport (they couldn't find the flight crew?!!!) saw to that.

happy travels!

xmas in ohio


Anonymous said...

Pretty snow.But we have about 2 feet of that! Dad will love the hat.but still wears the other one;)See you SOON!Enjoy................

Anonymous said...

What pattern did you choose for the hat?


baju muslim murah said...

i like your roll-brim hat