Tuesday, December 30, 2008


or all wrapped up? a knitting year in review!

2008 Mittens
three pairs of mittens

2008 - Scarves, Shawls & Cowls
four neck/wrap-type things

2008 Hats
five hats

2008 Sweaters
and six sweaters!

which is more than double the amount i knit in 2007! very few duds - that modern lace henley never really got off the ground, and the carrie cropped cardi is too tight in the arms (yes, i bought more yarn to reknit but there are too many new projects to work on!). and then there was the disaster with the olive branch hoodie zipper - did i ever tell 'yall about that? probably not. it's hiding in shame.

here's to a better 2009! happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

You're cute! Never thought to measure the year in knitting projects:)How could I measure mine? Miles that I drive?Love you!

Anonymous said...

except that your first pair of mittens there - you've knit several pairs! well done you for finishing some great projects in 2008 - and I can't wait for the olive branch hoodie story - because I thought it was just waiting for a zipper or something!! xxL HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

jowy1511 said...

Could anyone recommend a yarn to use for the Bella's mitten as Cascade 109 has been discontinued.

Many thanks