Sunday, May 31, 2009

it has its benefits

well, i don't know if i'm going to make it. the complete redesign of that tank into, well, an entirely different tank with kind of the same neckline is behind. i was pulling all sorts of crazy hours at work during the week - leaving at seven, getting home at nine - which just didn't leave time - much less energy - for knitting. or math. because, you know: complete redesign.

and it doesn't help that tomorrow morning i'm headed to vegas for work for three days. time for knitting will be minimal at best.

so, dears, i just don't know. you tell me:




the front is done, but i want to make up the back completely from scratch and my head is reeling a bit when i think about exactly what i want to do. then i need to knit the collar. and block, because this yarn really should see some blocking (it lays so much prettier blocked!). i suppose i can always take 'er on the plane and block in london, praying for dry days so she's not damp when we get on the boat for greece. thoughts?

also! i did attempt to shrink my viennese shrug. and... it did shrink a bit! i'm letting it fully dry before i try it on. i think it will still be a bit big but may be okay. or may be a present. here are some photos pre-shrinking for posterity (just in case the dryer ate it, you know?):



that's a lot of cream-colored knitting! summer's here and the bunnies are sleepy!



Mama Linda said...

So, I was thinking.the could wear it as a halter...just tie it around your neck.1 around the back.and call it DONE!.....YOur Mom is just always thinking :).about what,I'm never sure;) Love you

Lindsey said...

That's beautiful! I love that lacy trim around the bottom! Somehow it seems very Greek to me. Wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

I love them both.The tank however is my fav. I just made a skirt possibly in the same yarn and it has eyelets in it as well. Very chic. can't wait to see pics of you wearing them both.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm going with the halter top idea. That was my first thought too. I really would hate to see you go for the full tank and drag it along unfinished to London. Maybe consider waiting to finish it until you come back - your work schedule does sounds busy - and knit a quick beret or kerchief instead. Besides, your shrug looks terrific and you can take that!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this comment section needs a shout out to Cole, does he always look that cute when he naps?

malaraky said...

I love the neckline of the tank. I don't have any good advice for how to proceed, but I'm glad others have chimed in!

and the bunnies are cute!

Sydney said...

Hi there!

I stumbled across your blog looking for Bella's mittens. Yours look exactly like hers! Kudos on that! I was wondering, is the pattern very hard? I've just started learning to knit so . . . needless to say I'm not good at all. All your projects are amazing! And I love your bunnies :) I used to have two . . . Mr. B and Oreo. *sigh* So cute.