Friday, May 22, 2009

little luxuries

oh my, what do we have here?


the shoes have arrived, and with them, a new handbag! if only there was yarn in that picture, life would be complete!



okay, seriously though. wallis has been shucked aside for the moment because i just don't feel like fiddling. i received a lovely comment from a gal who'd knit it in the same size i'm working up, and she revealed that no, i'm not crazy and yes, you have to fudge. i am not in the mood to fudge.

and then this morning a new berroco knitbits arrived in my inbox. with a link to layout, and i knew i just had to have it for greece. and also a promotion at work = new yarn, especially yarn i'm going to knit up right away and will never see the drawers of my stash, right?

this stuff's rowan lenpur linen. the fiber is novel and natural - 25% linen, 75% lenpur. what is this lenpur, you ask? wood pulp from the branches of trees - harvested in a way that is supposedly highly renewable. well. i'll take that with a grain of salt until an impartial expert convinces me but in the meantime, i'll give it a shot knit-wise!

i'm foregoing the stripes for a simple off-white "natural" top. how fast can i knit? keep me honest, gals. keep me honest.


Mandy said...

Cute shoes, yummy yarn, but what brand is the bag? It looks just perfect for summer!

malaraky said...

love the shoes, love the bag! are you happy with how the sandals feel? I usually love Merrells. Hopefully this weekend I will find some summer shoes, the weather has finally heated up here and it's lovely but not without some decent footwear!

Anonymous said...

You're right- you have to have that for Greece- get to knitting, girl!

Michelle said...

This post is full of win: Greece, Shoes, Bag, tree-yarn. Win.

Lindsey B said...

That tank will be beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, in that color, and that color will be beautiful on you! I love this blog, it makes me so happy!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That yarn looks fantastic ~ the tank was a great choice for wearing about the Greek Isles! Greece was one of my favorite trips ever. Be prepared to love the food much more than you ever expect and while the water is cool the beaches are beautiful.

Alisha said...

What a perfect post. Shoes, great bag...yarn. Perfect!