Tuesday, December 29, 2009

winter wonderland

it's not every day you find yourself in vermont at an alpaca farm. but that's exactly where i was last week!


b and i spent the holidays with my family in the northeast kingdom, which seemed to me an excellent opportunity to check out some local fiber action (it's cold and snowy there so everyone needs woolens, you know?). so i reached out to the local ravelry group and secured an invitation to snowshoe farm in peacham for me, my mom, b, and malaraky.

oh man are these creatures adorable.


terry and ron were fantastic hosts - so open and warm. ron picked up all the babies so we could pet them more easily, and man are they soft! we basically spent an hour looking into huge alpaca eyes, stroking alpaca fleece, and asking questions about different breeds, what they eat, their personalities and quirks.

this dude on the left with the crazy mop is a suri, and the gal on the right is a rose grey named esther rose whose coat was almost lavendar:


these are smart animals and some of them were so very engaged - everyone trotted out to say hi and a few even poked their noses over the fence to see what was up. my mom even made a new friend!


happy new year to all - may it be full of family, friends, and soft fiber!


malaraky said...

great photos!! I haven't downloaded mine yet, yours are wonderful :)

Julia said...

So adorable! Happy New Year!

Sara said...

So sweet!

Emily Bemily said...

Hello, I hoped to email you but couldn't find a place to do so. Anyway I was just printing out your Bella's Mittens pattern for my friend and I LOVE the font that you used for the heading! Would you please share with me what it is? I would be grateful. THanks! Also, very interesting blog!
- Emily

Mrs Lockhart said...

I fell in LOVE with a baby llama at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest... I still need to update my blog for oct... and nov... and dec.... ha.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip- great photos! Rose gray is soooooo pretty. I like your Mom's friend ;-).

NJ said...

I'm really lucky to have some alpaca neighbours down the road. I never get tired of seeing their sweet faces when I drive by.

Babs said...

Great Pics!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a great experience! Loved seeing your pictures particularly because I have recently become a fan of alpaca yarn.

I bet you had some wonderful breakfasts there in Vermont! Lots of maple syrup covering pancakes. Oh man, I'm making myself hungry.

Anna Andalasia said...

I love alpaca! They are really cute. I went to a festival recently, and there was a booth selling alpaca yarn and knitted stuff made from alpaca yarn. They had a pen of the animals there, and I got to pet one. They're sooo soft. =)