Monday, January 04, 2010

a new year

you know it's going to be an awesome year when you catch a nasty cold the first day, right? ugh, the sinus pressure. i dragged myself into the office this morning but by 3pm couldn't take it any more. a new over-the-counter drug and an hour's nap later and i'm feeling a bit better - and figured wishing 'yall a happy new year might be a nice way to keep me distracted from the sniffles.

i don't really make resolutions, but this year... this year i hope to do more designing. it kind of hit the back-burner in 2009 when life - work, moving, other various and sundry items - made things complicated and hectic, and the last thing i wanted to be doing in my down time was math. so keep me honest, folk. ping me every once in a while and make sure i'm working on something.

but not right now, because my head's in a bit of a fog! luckily, i have a good challenging-yet-mindless project on the needles that i can pick up every once in a while when i'm feeling less headachey - wallis. remember her?



over the holidays i ripped out the sad few inches i'd knit and started over again. this is one of those patterns where i know i'll be in love with the FO, and the lace chart is easily memorized, but in general is not for the faint of heart (or a beginning knitter) - you really have to fudge around a lot on the edges, where you increase. the instructions don't clearly tell you how to do it, and you need your wits and knitting instincts about you!

to keep things interesting, next weekend i'm also casting on for rosamund's cardigan by andrea pomerantz. malaraky and i are doing another knit-along, and this time beigeberry will be joining us! we're already planning our slight mods and i'm really looking forward to this project - it's always fun to knit with your friends, even if they're far away.

okay, time to go rest up a bit more. i'll leave you with a photo of maeve enjoying her favorite xmas present -

cat in box

happy new year all!


sayllama said...

Hello again! Sorry I haven't commented on your blog in a long time, but I've enjoyed looking back on all the entries I missed.

And happy new year! Funny enough, I got my cat the exact same gift for xmas. It was the must-have item for felines this year :D

Sara said...

Happy New Year. Your cat looks very similar to my own cat Ali.

Anonymous said...

Maeve's got it all figured out!

Happy 2010- it's gonna be great.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...
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Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Awww. Hope you are feeling better now!

Yes, having your wits about you is always a good thing when knitting - LOL

Love Roamund's cardi ~ great choice for a KAL. But Wallis is going to be spectacular so press on :)

Anonymous said...