Sunday, January 29, 2012


hi friends,

i've been a bit knocked out of whack lately, due to near-constant headaches with a dash of migraine thrown in for good luck. so the knitting - like pretty much everything else here - has slowed down to a halt while we try to figure out what's up. but.


a dear friend has hit her third trimester and the shower is next weekend. fingers crossed i can get a cute little something knit up in time!


hopefully i'll be back with FO photos next week!


One More Bite said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon! And good luck with the latest project (love the mocha? color of that yarn)!

Janne said...

Migraines are a bummer, I have suffered with them for years. I hope you feel better and I love reading your blog.

Tara said...

I used to suffer from a lot of migraines and headaches constantly. I found out it was because of all the aspartame I was drinking with crystal light, diet sodas, and sweeteners for my coffee. I don't know if that's in your case, but when I stopped drinking aspartame, my headaches went away within the week and haven't been back. Just throwing that out there just in case it could help. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, headaches suck.