Saturday, November 01, 2008

houston, we have a sleeve

a proper sleeve

sleeve #1 is reknit! boy did i learn my lesson on this one: read the pattern instructions. twice.

next to the sleeve you might notice a copy of moby dick. b and i signed up for a class at LACMA offered through a partnership with the public school and machine project called "blubber, bowlines and boat hulls". we read moby dick, meet in the middle of a serra sculpture at the museum, and learn how to tie nautical knots. there are also conversations about the book itself but as the class is being moderated by a couple of conceptual artists and neither one's a melville expert - or even an expert in the field of 19th century lit - well. that portion of the class so far has been a bit of an experiment in modern jackass-ness. but tomorrow they're bringing in someone to teach us the knots which is all i really want out of this!

happy belated halloween!

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Anonymous said...

ohhhh - did the increases after the ribbing not get made the first time? glad you were able to get right back into it so fast!! You were hardly delayed at all. I have the first few inches of my first sleeve in my backpack here with me at school in case I suddenly have a stress attack and only moss stitch can fix it...