Saturday, November 29, 2008

this seems to be a theme

bella's mittens

yep, another saturday night spent designing! this afternoon i received a package from webs: cascade 109 in the color platinum. the color and gauge seem perfect for an attempt at replicating bella's beautiful horseshoe cable mittens from twilight. my swatches are blocking now!

in the meantime, i've knit up a surprise holiday gift and finished my owl mittens (which are also blocking). here's a photo of the unblocked first mitt:

give a hoot!

now to find the perfect button eyes! happy thanksgiving weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

yay superfun!! I can't wait for the holiday so I can KNIT as much as possible!! Looking forward to seeing how Bella's mitts come out - you are so crafty!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bella's mittens!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THEM! Oh.they look so VERY warm!