Thursday, November 20, 2008

much ado about knitting

so. i've finished knitting the minimalist cardi, but it's sitting in my knitting bag partially seamed. i had an altercation with mattress stitch - it just won't look even on both sides of the sleeve cap. did some research and asked the nice folk on ravelry and it all amounts to the inevitable riiippp... looks like i need to seam this sucker up using backstitch. which is a yarn-eater, and i'm currently using the extra skein of cascade 220 for these:

Owl Mitts I Must Knit

i came aross the pattern via some blogs and gazed longingly at it for a good five minutes. then b told me to cast on for crying out loud. so i listened to his advice. i NEED these mittens. it's going to be cold in ohio over the holidays, right?

because these are only going to work indoors:

cabled armwarmers

they're perfect for my freezing office; i wore them yesterday and my hands were nice and toasty - and i could still type! i've written up the pattern and already emailed it off to a fellow raveler for test knitting (she wanted to knit cabled armwarmers for a niece for christmas), but they need a name. any suggestions?

cabled armwarmers

i'll take some decent photos this weekend (hopefully).

finally, i leave you with the breaking dawn emergency reading kit i gave one of the girls on my team last night. she is the last of us to leave any bit of the twilight series unread, and is powering through the final book this week with the promise to finish before tomorrow night so we can all discuss in line while waiting to see the movie.

twilight reading pack

tea, hard candy (red of course), a granola bar, and bells on an elastic to wrap around her wrist and wake her, should she fall asleep and drop the book. ;)


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the seaming issues with mini cardi! I have just the second sleeve cap to knit and then seaming can take place. it might not be done when I arrive in LA but that's ok, I'll bring pieces and put them together.

I'm going to see Twilight tomorrow as well! Breaking my personal rule of not seeing such huge movies on opening night (crowds are not so much fun) but a group of gals from my dept are going and I didn't want to be the only one who had to leave the room while they discuss all the gory details!!!

Anonymous said...

i love those fingerless mittens!! do you have a pattern out?

i went to twilight at midnight -- got there at 8 pm, second in line, and good thing. LoL. it was beyond amazingg