Wednesday, January 05, 2011

iron craft challenge #1

okay, so by now you must have all figured it out: yes, i'm crazy. i've signed up for iron craft. one crafty challenge a week for fifty-two weeks.

i'm going to admit right off the bat that there's no way i will complete them all. i'm planning a wedding. i may be crazy, but i'm not insane. this year i hope to be out of the country for a few weeks on a honeymoon, and leading up to that i'll have many a foam thought-bubble to cover with chalkboard paint (and rates to negotiate and budgets to balance but that's not the fun stuff, so let's agree to ignore it here, okay?).

anyway. without further ado. iron craft challenge #1: lighting the winter gloom. since i only found out about iron craft monday evening and entries are due wednesdays, i defaulted to what i know: knitting.

Iron Craft #1

thanks to a recycled jam jar, a pillar candle left over from thanksgiving, and holiday pom pom stash yarn (what? you know you have some too), i quickly knit up a little lace votive cozy that throws off little bits of light through the eyelets and casts a beautiful glow.

Iron Craft #1

so. expect more wednesday posts. i think this is exactly what i need to kick my crafty mojo back into gear!

in the meantime - keep the bread recipes a-coming!

Iron Craft #1


At Home Mommy Knits said...

I have seen a few of the candle cozy patterns around the internet and I admit I was a bit skeptical but yours is lovely. My go to bread is the 5 minute a day bread book....AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Really nice candle cozy. It would be really spectacular over a blue glass jar. Just saying. But very, very cool as it is. :)

Lara said...

I'm slightly in awe of your determination to bring the craftiness back in to your life - these posts should be inspirational!

One More Bite said...

Awesome how you just whipped that cozy up! Really looking forward to seeing your next creation - good luck with Iron Craft!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Iron Craft with me. Snowed in today, so was looking online and feeling sad I could not make it to my LYS. Now I'm going to make new fireplace mantle decorations (and take down the holiday ones) with some craft material I already have and some inspiration from lighting the winter gloom.

Sara said...

Love the knit cover! Great job. I don't think I could do iron craft. Too much of a commitment. Looking forward to seeing what you do though!