Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iron craft challenge #2: stay warm

Iron Craft #2

so. challenge #2 was to make a "draft dodger" or a "door snake". score. we totally needed one (or a dozen) of these in our 1904 unheated beach house!

materials for iron craft challenge #2: stay warm:
-dried pinto beans
-liquid stitch
-stitch witchery*

okay, it really lives by the door because those windows don't open and are probably one of the more sound features of our home, but the view's prettier. the door, where it's better suited? not so much.

Iron Craft #2

Iron Craft #2

recognize the pattern?


grete prytz's lotus for cathrineholm of norway. love, love, love. can't get enough of this stuff and you'll often find me combing the local antique stores on the off-chance that i just might score another!

iron craft is exactly what i need right now: weekly creativity, friendly inspiration, and fun fun fun. come join us!

Iron Craft #2

*the sewing machine is broken and probably not worth the cost to fix it (again). saving up for a better model. boo.


kat said...

I'm coveting your bowls as well as loving your dodger

shopgirl said...

I love they way you pulled your inspiration right into it!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I LOVE your draft dodger :) When we lived in the Midwest I saw them in B&Bs and always thought how homey they looked. Yours is very So Cal and modern ~ nice.

BTW Molly is so big now!!!! Such a cutie.

DTX Studios said...

Nice one. Thanks.

Julia said...

I could really use one of those draft dodgers. Especially because I have a view of snowbanks out my window not lush green plants!