Wednesday, January 19, 2011

iron craft challenge #3: just bunt

although it's not my usual MO, i chose to go pretty traditional on this one. i'm certain there will be crazy creative interpretations of "bunting", but hey - with something this whimsical, sometimes simplicity is the route to take.

Iron Craft #3

right? right.

since i've already introduced the iron crafters to maeve and molly, i thought it was high time to do something special for little b. she's been pretty lonely since cole passed, and i thought a little facelift to her pad might cheer her - and me - right up!

Iron Craft #3

-twine, braided
-scrapbook paper
-double-sided and scotch tape
(see? simple!)

have i ever told you the story about how my persnickety little girl came home with us?

i'd just moved into my first apartment in LA and i thought it was high time to get mr b - my sweet harlem bunny - a friend. after lots of reconnaissance trips to my local shelter, i picked out a darling new zealand white named izzy, a rabbit who would run up to me to be pet as soon as i entered her pen. so i made an appointment for mr b to board at the rescue for a spell - to bond on neutral territory.

mid-week, i received a call from the shelter. nervous that mr b and izzy weren't getting along, i picked up with some trepidation. the volunteer proceeded to tell me that the tiny dwarf in the pen next door had somehow jumped over the 3' wall to be with mr b and izzy - numerous times - and would i be amenable to taking home a third?

and that's how little b entered our lives. with all her grouchiness, she's outlived them all. and i wouldn't give her up for the world.

Iron Craft #3


shopgirl said...

bunny garland!

Sara said...

Gosh what a great story! I bonded three bunnies once. They were so cute together. Love the bunny garland!

Gingham Skies said...

Cute! I'm sure Mr B appreciates his new decor. ;)

Annie said...

so cute!! ps nice ork poster

Fiona said...

awww bunny!!!

Kristin said...

Such a sweet story! Love the bunny garland. Very cute.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That's the way it is sometimes. The one you didn't plan on is the one that enriches your life the most.

Love the decorative banner ~ great diy project!

Anonymous said...

We appreciate the information. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Bunny stories are the best!